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Powder Flow Sensors

Kevin Technologies manufactures latest state of the art microcontroller based Broken Bag Detector (Powder Flow Sensor) for the pharmaceutical industry.

Broken Bag Detector provides reliable and economical detection of filter failures in exhaust ducts of any kind of dust collection equipment.

Detects Broken Bag in Fluid Bed Dryer [FBD], Processor [FBP], Vacuum dryer, Filter Bag House which results in reduced product loss and preventing damage to downstream equipment.

Major Advantages:

  • Better Accuracy, Quick Response
  • Light weight, compact size (96 * 96 mm) and economical
  • Front Panel Mounted
  • 4 – 20 ma output signal / 1 NO/NC Potential free Contact output
  • SS Sensor Length and diameter as per customer requirement
  • LED indication for easy visibility
  • Time and Sensitivity Adjustment easily through DIP switch / port
  • Reset through Push button / PLC
  • Plug in socket connector in sensor for easy maintenance
  • Kevin also provides Broken Bag Detector suitable for Flame proof Applications.
  • Kevin has introduced new Broken Bag Detector with Auto Sensor Cleaning Facility .
  • Kevin provides sensor cable breakage and indication
  • Kevin BBD being used by major FBD OEM’s and end users in the pharmaceutical industry.



Digital Electronics, Japan is the leader in HMI business across the world. Digital Electronics was established in 1972 and has been manufacturing various range of Touch screen HMI and IPC products under “Proface” Brand name.

Kevin Technologies Pvt. Ltd.  is the Authorized distributor and Authorized Repair centre for Pro-face Range of Products in India. Kevin is representing Pro-face in India since 2000.

We are pleased to introduce new range of Pro-face touch screen with higher features & Resolution compared to the brands available in the market today.

Advanced Features:

  • Common Screen Editor Software and data cable for the total range of Touch Screen HMI’s
  • High speed Data Sampling featuring a 64 bit RISC CPU the fastest in the industry today.
  • Enhanced Multiple Interfaces ensures High Speed Communication.
  • USB Stick (Flash drive) can be used to transfer screen assembly data
  • ID Management & Operation Logs enable to reduce downtime.
  • Monitoring on remote network using Web Server.
  • More features with advanced Pro-face Data Management Software model Pro-Server Ex.
  • The Long Life Backlight is designed to provide about Six Years of continuous 24 hour operation.
  • Suitable for temperature areas upto 55 deg. C.
  • Global presence ensures Global Support in the form of Telephone & Emails, Web Support, Hardware Repairs, Training & Local Procurement of Accessories.
  • Debugging can be performed anywhere using the Pass- through function. Maintenance manuals stored in data centre PC can be viewed on the HMI.
  • More features with advanced Pro-face Data Management Software model Pro-Server Ex including maintaining of Work Log directly in the management PC & transfer of work instruction such as recipes from PC to HMI. Compiles data from devices into structured reports using templates & Excel's edit function. Prepared templates reduce time for programming.
  • G3 Conformal coating models available. 


Kevin Technologies is the authorized Premium Engineering Distributor for Omron in the state of Gujarat. Kevin has been working with Omron since 2007. Kevin has an experienced engineering team working on different platforms of Omron. We have been working with different OEM’s and end users  across all verticals for providing automation solutions.