• Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)
  • Edible Oil
  • Life Sciences
  • Manufacturing Execution System
  • Starch and Food Processing

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

Kevin's solutions for the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) manufacturers help drive productivity & throughput, while maintaining quality.

Flexible & dependable controls & solutions enable CPG manufacturers to manage their seasonal & event driven demand fluctuation as well as marketing-driven packaging & product changes effectively & efficiently.

Kevin offers strong automation & other solutions for batch manufacturing as well as continuous manufacturing in the following areas.

  • Packaged foods
  • Home & Cleaning Products
  • Converted Paper Industry.
  • Tobacco
  • Beverages.

Kevin designs, integrates and installs complete solutions using the right mix of automation & software for optimized productivity. Our engineering and project management team understand the requirements of such facilities

Edible Oil

At Kevin, our latest automation solution converts "Information" in to "Useful Data", which is a very essential aspect of commodity driven markets like oil & similar processing industries.

Kevin can help you automate & manage your costs, right from materials handling to processing & final delivery.

With our domain expertise in the areas of Extraction, Refining, Bleaching, De-Odorization& Material Handling, we can provide you one of the best integrated solutions.

Our wide range of offerings, starting from small to large scale automation solution, caters solutions for all range of manufacturers.

Life Sciences

With the increased compliance requirements, the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry is currently facing challenges, especially in dealing with the regulatory scrutiny. Various new compliance requirements emerge as companies increase their reliance on automation & technology to ultimately create a competitive business advantage for the company. Kevin has the right credentials, resources & a team to ensure that such challenges are met in terms of automation & compliance.

For pharmaceutical and biotechnology professionals seeking a production improvement partner that truly knows your business, Kevin offers a full spectrum of services, including regulatory compliance consultation, automation, project management skills and a very aggressive approach to complete projects on time. Kevin, has more than a decade of experience in engineering and implementing automation for leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. With the added knowledge of regulatory compliance & validation services, Kevin is an ideal partner.

Kevin has extensive and proven methodology for regulatory compliance services, industrial & automation software development as well as validation resources. Kevin has the culture & value system of aggressive approach to customer delight. The proven ability to deliver value anywhere in your initiative, from problem-solving to concept to design to implementation, validation, commissioning, qualification and beyond.

With Kevin on your team, you can go confidently from requirements to post-implementation validation & compliance. We understand the objectives and how the current project fits into your overall needs & current systems. Kevin supports such installation with highly reliable & proven automation and integration capability, extensive validation experience and the proven ability to implement and support such implementations.

Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Manufacturing industry is driven by many essential variables that influence product quality, production output, energy usage and many more.

"Right information", "Right time" will lead "Right decision" in such industries. Our enhanced data management solution through the latest automation tools will help to pull this data & take it to the enterprise via successful integration into a robust MES solution.

Kevin has capabilities to design & install systems that will help clients interface & integrate various different equipment into a data network & effectively have a connected enterprise that will be responsive, decisive & also completely transparent with robust audit trails & data records to ensure total compliance.

Our Historian and reporting solutions provide important data on a single screen "Information desk", even on the go.

Talk to us on how we can help you integrate & connect you to your manufacturing assets

Starch and Food Processing

The agro & commodity manufacturing has become very competitive, with the global shift in health & wealth. The processes now need to be more & more efficient & advantages need to be taken of the vast opportunities that are being created by the ever increasing global demand of good quality food & agro commodities.

Kevin has the right experience in the Starch & agro industries, helping manufacturers integrate & automate processes & make them more & more efficient.

Most existing facilities are plagued by what is known as "Island automation", where automation was implemented on specific processes in islands & isolation. Kevin's solution provides a more integrated approach with one single control system, which is flexible & allows connection to an MES solution as well as advanced ERP solutions.

Companies are more & more targeting higher efficiency & improved capacities as well as higher reproducibility. Finally, the quality control & assurance as well as high availability of facilities, with less personnel & manual intervention is desired by the industry.